The Band Boosters Organization helps the band program build relationships through unity, commitment and discipline resulting in strong leadership, excellence and friendship throughout the student’s lifetime.

The Band Booster Board provides leadership for the volunteer logistics and financial support of all band programs. The board is made up of parents and guardians volunteering their time to help make the band program at Ravenwood High School the best it can be.


2023 – 2024

President Andy Voyles –
President Elect Katie Allen –

Treasurer Will McLean –

Treasurer Elect  Will Johnson –

Secretary Stephanie Dunlea –

Events Team Lead Juliet Meinert –

Events – SR Activities  (SR night, Band banquet) Jennifer Cobat –
Events – Volunteer Chair (SUG Admin) Gina Convey –

Events – Hospitality Gretchen Voyles –

Events – Forms/Database Management Leslie Behrens –

Events – Red Team (Friday nights) Nuala Oleary –

Events – 8th/Freshman (co) Kris Helou –

Events – 8th/Freshman (co) Tanvi Desai –

Events – Competition (co) Jennifer Grissom –

Events – Competition (co) Kerri Dunaway –

Fundraising Team Joanna Cook –

Lead Fundraising – Chick Fil A (co) Heather DiPietro –

Fundraising – Chick Fil A (co) Ann Michelle MacDonald –

Fundraising – Flag & Tree Roger Best –

Fundraising – Sponsorships Cynthia Lucas –

Fundraising – Spirit Gear Michelle Lomicka –

Equipment Team Lead Jake Benjamin –

Props Chair Tim Silvers –
Capital Projects Lead Kristen Corn –

Uniform Team Lead Leah Schmidt –

Website Team Lead Vince Fayette –

PR Team Lead Rusty Ross –

Drumline Team Lead Celeste Webb –

Guard Team Lead Cynthia Lucas –

Alumni Jane McGrath –